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Catching the eye

How do you produce visual content and use it to catch your audience’s attention?

  • Build a consistent visual identity across platforms
    • Outline a photography style, key photo characteristics, and image use on social media and your website. The visuals must be consistent, coherent, and speaking the same language.
  • Connect with a value through visual storytelling
    • Know what customers care about, and produce content with those values at the core.
  • Source good visuals
    • The right photo will engage your audience better than just any photo.
  • Get started with video
    • Video content captures attention.
    • Short videos for social media can be shot with your iPhone or with professional video production
  • Incorporate User-generated content
    • In industries like travel, fashion and lifestyle visual content from customers can help present a balanced view of the brand.
    • Make sure you have all relevant permissions before you using any customer visual
  •  Engage with graphics and infographics
    • Use graphics and info graphics to demonstrate a concept visually

You do not have to use all visual storytelling tips. Start with one. Experiment and build you go.