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Social Media- Building credibility, Not Likes

Social media was created for people to make meaningful relationships in an online, social setting. It was meant to be a platform of credible information.
CNN estimates that approximately 83 million Facebook accounts are fake accounts. Twitter is estimated to follow distantly with more than 20 million fake accounts. Business Insider states eight percent of Instagram accounts to be fake.

It all began, when follower count became the metric, for success in using the social media as a platform. With the number displayed prominently, brands, came under pressure to look like they have a bigger online presence; it soon became a prestige issue for brands- ‘ where only size mattered’. An entire industry that grew around it convincing senior level executives that the more followers you have the better your social media presence.

Buying fake followers damages a company’s social media presence and social media strategy. Fake followers are most likely bots who have no need to make any purchases from your company because their only objective is to grow your following.

The social networks have awaken to the reality of how this is also destroying their credibility as a platform and are putting their foot down to ensure that their user experience are of high standards.

‘Buying’ followers to retweet, like, share or do whatever on social media to make you look popular, is a strategy often used because building a true follower base takes time and effort to create, as well as great content.

When you provide your followers with valuable and resourceful content on your social media profiles, you’re opening your door to the opportunity of having your followers reach out to you.

Content Strategy is the backbone of Social Media Marketing